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                               About the Department of Applied Economics

Present-day education broadens the horizons of life, inspires and creates opportunities for a person’s identity development. That is why the choice of profession and university, where it will be obtained, is a very complicated and responsible task for everyone. Today namely the State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University” provides technical education on the level, which refers it to the list of leading Higher Educational Institutions of the country and opens in front of the graduates a wide range of opportunities of professional formation. Though modern conditions of engineers’ activity, whatever is his specialty – miner, geologist, mine builder, ecologist etc., require acquirement not only of technologies of the correspondent manufacturing, but also knowledge of economics of efficient use of its natural and resource potential, without preservation and development of which it is impossible to introduce efficient technical solutions.

Borders of improvement of region and enterprise economics are defined by the limitation and character of its natural resources use. It actualizes the need of building an integral system of interaction of economical, ecological and resource components of nature and society development. In accordance with it, feeling the present-day tendency of forming highly-qualified specialists with engineer education, National Mining University on the basis of Department of Applied Economics provides a possibility to obtain the second education on the specialty “Economics of Environment and Natural Resources” with the level “master” on the basis of bachelor, specialist or master’s diplomas (the branch of “Specific Categories”). Education is carried out not only in internal form, but also in the form of part-time education and evening tuition. Teaching of professional disciplines allows obtaining master’s degree within 1,5 years. Department of Applied Economics creates all terms for comprehensive studies: developed scientific, academic and methodological base, an efficiently working staff of experienced lecturers. The study process is built on the basis of stimulating students’ activity and knowledge acquirement through scientific research. Students are satisfied with the obtained education and confidently look ahead – at their future. Today, in the conditions of sharpened economic crisis and of nature resources exhaustion, the labor-market has an increasing need in economist-ecologist. Graduates of the Department on the specialty “environmental manager, researcher” have a high rate among employers of Pridneprovsk-Donetsk and other Ukrainian regions; carry out fruitful work at the Regional State Administration of Environment Protection, Ecological Inspections of regional and local levels, at scientific and research and scientific institutions; work as engineers, economists and managers at enterprises and organizations of any form of ownership, which use natural potential in their manufacturing and business activity and interact with environment. The Department invites to study everyone, who wants to become a specialist with master’s degree in the sphere of economical methods of managing the quality of environment and natural resources, aspires to know a lot and be skillful, to have a constant qualification improvement.

The other specialties from the branch of “Specific Categories” are also available: Administrative Management, Management of Innovative Activity and Project Management. Education is carried out in internal form, in the form of part-time education, evening tuition and external studies.


Our Department today


General characteristics of the Department:

-          the Department carries out preparation of masters on specialties of the branch “Specific Categories” and also lectures disciplines of economic and organizational content for the students of technical specialties of the State Higher Educational Institution “MNU”;

-          lecturers carry out scientific work, annually taking part in 8…10 scientific practical and economical conferences;

-          the quantity of lecturers possessing academic degree – 75%;

-          annually there are 4…5 PhD students and 1…2 academic degree candidates at the Department;

-          annually 5…8 students are doing scientific research;

-          10 PhD thesis have been currently defended at the Department;

-          annually 30…40 scientific papers are being published.


History of the Department:

In 1946 in Dnipropetrovs’k Mining Institute the Department of Industrial Economics was founded. On its basis in 1993 four departments were created, including the Department of Applied Economics.

Today the lecturers staff includes 31 person, of which there are 8 professors and 14 senior lecturers. The Department provides economic education for students of technical specialties. The main direction of the Department is carrying out the study process on the level of present-day achievements of science and practice.

Lecturers of the Department timely update study disciplines with new parts, publish work-books and monographs, develop study guides including those for individual studying of the theoretical material and practical tasks solving. Lecturers take part in scientific practical conferences and seminars that are directed on improvement of specialists professional readiness, introduction of modern methods and forms of education.

The Department has study and production connections with alliances of coal industry, enterprises of Kryvyi Rih iron-ore and Nikopol manganese-ore basins, which give opportunities for students to carry out production and pregraduation internships.




Educational Activity

Number of prepared masters – 83.

Currently studying at the master’s program – 284 students.

The specialty “Project Management” was accredited.

Documents prepared for functioning of the Study-consultant Centre in the city Zhovti Vody, on the basis of which in 2011 the Department started preparing masters (part-time education) on the specialty “Management of Innovative Activity” (16 students). In 2012 on this specialty as well as on the specialty “Economics of Environment and Natural Resources” 42 students were accepted.



Number of lecturers – 20, of which:

Doctors of Sciences, Professors – 3;

Candidates of Sciences, Senior Lecturers – 10.

Working in secondary employment:

Doctors of Sciences, Professors – 2;

Candidates of Sciences, Senior Lecturers – 3.

Number of candidate theses affirmed by the Higher Attestational Commission – 3 (Kyrychenko A.V., Terekhov Ye.V., Tymoshenko L.V.). Defended candidate thesis (2012) - Avdiushenko A.S.

Working on doctoral theses - Senior Lecturers Pilova D.P. and Shapoval V.A.

Average age of the lecturers is 51 years old, Professors – 69, Senior Lecturers – 41, Assistant Lecturers – 37 years old.



1.  Prykhodko V.V. Organization Theory: Work-book with the visa of the Ministry of Education and Science/ V.V. Prykhodko, V.I. Prokopenko, I.V. Sheremetyeva etc.: edited by I.V. Sheremetyeva – Dnipropetrovs’k: National Mining University, 2011. – 258 pp.

2.  Prokopenko V.I. Economics of exploitation of mining entries on coal mines: Monograph / V.I. Prokopenko, A.V. Kyrychenko. - Dnipropetrovs’k: Ltd. “LizunovPress”, 2012. – 236 pp.

3.  Kozynets V.P. Marketing and Management of Innovations: Work-book / V.P. Kozynets, B.B. Stelyuk, V.A. Shapoval / Edited by prof. V.A. Tkachenko, V.V. Malyi. - Dnipropetrovs’k: IMA-Press, 2011. – 172 pp.

During the study year 2011-2012 lecturers staff and PhD students published 39 research papers. The lecturers took active part (not fewer than five reports) in four scientific practical conferences, carried out 65 reports.


Scientific activity

As for the mining regions of Ukraine and, above all, Prydniprovs’k region, the Department of Applied Economics fulfills scientific research:

“Research and development of technologies of effective and ecological reclamation of natural resources in the open mining” (together with prof. Gumenik I.L., part of the Department – 20 thousand UAH per year for the salary);

“Scientific development of technological and managerial decisions, normative materials and the system of mining-ecological monitoring of the environment-saving exploitation of natural resources deposits, placement of mining and recycling enterprises and utilization of industrial wastes” (together with prof. Symonenko V.I., part of the Department – 50 thousand UAH per year for the salary).

Annually the Department of Applied Economics accepts 1-2 PhD students for part-time and internal studies. Professors Prokopenko V.I., Kogevnykov A.O. and Erpert O.M. are research supervisors for candidate theses. Currently the Department has two PhD students and 3 academic degree candidates working on the theses.

Master’s degree students take part in student scientific practical conferences at NMU and other educational institutions. In 2011-2012 students together with lecturers published 19 papers in annual book of proceedings of the International Scientific Practical Conference “Problems and Perspectives of the Innovative Development of Ukrainian Economy” (Dnipropetrovs’k) and in other scientific issues.

Student Tymoshenko O.O. (group EF-07-3) prepared a contest research paper “Evaluation of the Value of the Borrowed Capital Invested into the Innovative Activity of an Enterprise” for the scholarship program “Zavttra.UA” (research supervisor prof. Prokopenko V.I.).


International Activity

In 2011-2013 Senior Lecturer of the Department of Applied Economucs Cherep A.Yu. had three scientific internships in the Technical University “Freiberg Mining Academy” (Freiberg, Germany) with the aim of learning the foreign works in the field of innovative technologies of deposits exploitation, as well as of preparing master’s programs for students of the specialty “Mining” within the framework of participation of NMU in the International University of Resources.

Lecturers of the Department took part in the Third International Scientific Practical Conference “United Europe” (Mukachevo, Ukraine; nine reports), International Scientific On-line Conference “Innovations in Business Creation and Management” (Moscow, Russia).

With an immediate participation of Assistant Lecturer Avdiushenko A.S. in 2011 the positive decision was obtained about financing the project 516813–TEMPUS–1–2011–1–LT-TEMPUS–JPCR (in the program TEMPUS-4), which includes NMU as well as other 16 universities. Avdiushenko A.S. also took part in the preparation and realization of the project within the framework of the EU program “Youth in Action”. The topic of the project – “Creativity of the Youth from Ukraine, Poland and Hungary in the Formation of European Innovative Economy”. The project was prepared by the coordinator from Poland (Wroclaw Banking School) together with the partners from Ukraine (Institute of Economics in the National Mining University) and Hungary (Janos University, Budapest).

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