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                    International Activity

    In 2011 Senior Lecturer of the Department of Applied Economucs Cherep A.Yu. had two scientific internships in the Technical University “Freiberg Mining Academy” (Freiberg, Germany) with the aim of learning the foreign works in the field of innovative technologies of deposits exploitation, as well as of preparing master’s programs for students of the specialty “Mining” within the framework of participation of NMU in the International University of Resources.  

    Report of Senior Lecturer Cherep A.Yu. at the conference «Protodiakonow Kollokwium-2009» on the topic «The choice of regional technological schemes of overburden development under conditions of heightened watering», Freiberg, Germany

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Participation of young scientists in international events favors their professional: in 2010-2011 Senior Lecturers Pilova D.P. and Cherep A.Yu. took part in: the International Business Game “Project Management” (Wroclaw Banking School, Wroclaw, Poland); the School of Specialists Preparation, arranged by NMU and Brandenburg Technical University with the Support of DAAD Foundation; the Second International Scientific Practical Conference “United Europe” (Krakow, Poland); the International Scientific On-line Conference “Innovations in Business Creation and Management” (Moscow, Russia). Assistant Lecturer Yatsentyuk S.V. in 2010 took part in the international conference of development of business education in the countries of Eastern Europe on the basis of Franklin University (Columbus, the USA). The agreement was reached about arrangement of the MBA program on the basis of NMU. With the direct participation of Assistant Lecturer Avdiushenko A.S. in 2011 the positive decision was obtained about financing the project 516813–TEMPUS–1–2011–1–LT-TEMPUS–JPCR (in the program TEMPUS-4), which includes NMU as well as other 16 universities.

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