Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Obtaining educational degree - MASTER

BASED EDUCATIONAL bachelor (specialist or master) ANY OF KNOWLEDGE

Professional functions masters (competence)

  1. Planning, organization and control of administrative activities of enterprises, institutions of different ownership and organizational forms.
  2. Management decisions to adapt the company to the environmental conditions.
  3. Human Resource Management and staff of the company.
  4. Development and implementation of incentives for staff.
  5. Formation of interpersonal communication environment (corporate culture).
  6. Development and administration information system, organizations, institutions.

Subjects taught:

  1. Research Methodology
  2. Managing social and environmental security
  3. Economic and mathematical models and methods of decision making
  4. Economic activity management software
  5. IT management relations
  6. Management of maintenance work
  7. HR
  8. Оrganization Theory
  9. Оrganization Management
  10. The head of administrative services
  11. Engineering administrative activities
  12. Audit and assessment of management activities
  13. Сonflict management
  14. Corporate culture organizations
  15. Business Planning
  16. Pedagogy of high school
  17. Foreign Language

Master Programme
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